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X-Files - Warning

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Review Date: 07/23/1998

File Size: 2,190k

Author URL: Available

Here's another X-Files theme to add to your collection and like most other themes in this category, there are a number of great parts that make up this package. One of the most interesting aspects is an added web-based animated wallpaper setting for those who have the Active Desktop option on their system.

The color scheme could use some adjustments as the desktop is the windows default and the wallpaper is black. It makes the color around the icon text stick out like a sore thumb. The start windows sound file is considerably LOUDER than the other sound files. There are some great cursors but many are still the standard type. Needs originality!

It's a great theme but it's just a bunch of parts snagged from other X-Files theme packages created by other theme author's. I have personally seen and heard almost every file in this package. Hello "Danny Sanders".

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