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The X-Files - Trust No One

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Review Date: 02/18/1999

File Size: 2,347k

Author URL: Available

Here's an X-Files theme with a slightly different flavor. It contains everything you could possibly want in a desktop theme with 3D cursors, stereo sound files, original 800x600 JPG wallpaper, startup/shutdown logo screens and an original screen saver. It's different from most X-Files themes in that it's not dark blue, dark green, dark red, or any other dark color setting. In fact, it's about as white as it's going to get, while maintaining a good X-Files look and feel. The animated cursors 'literally' stand out more than anything else. They have a flickering neon look with a flickering shadow to boot, which makes them look as if they're sticking right out of your monitor. The sound files are clear cuts from several different X-Files episodes and there's even a cool X-Files screen saver with sound.

Desktop icons could be better. Maybe a little less self promotion through visible signature files as well.

Based on originality, it's one of the best and it should more than satisfy most X-Files fans.

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