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Starship Trooper

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Review Date: 02/27/1998

File Size: 2,238k

Author URL: Not Available

There are 3 themes in this package with 3 theme executable files to make changing between themes easy. The major differences are the wallpaper files, the color schemes and the "My computer" icons. The animated cursors are stills from the movie in a slide show effect.

The wallpaper images are irregular size bitmaps at about 525x299 pixels. They stretch out of proportion at any display setting. The sound files sound like they came from the movie preview and they are also all over the place. Some sound great, some are loud, some are distorted, and some sound like they are coming through a transistor radio.

There are better Starship Troopers themes to choose from. This one needs a sound editor, wallpaper, and a little more creativity with cursors. What else is there!

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