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Profane South Park

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Review Date: 09/22/2000

File Size: 3,138k

Author URL: Available

NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

The word "profane" in the title of this theme is very appropriate so use caution with this download. There's nothing visually profane about it but the sound files may qualify as a "profane" understatement. You'll either hate it or laugh yourself to death, one or the other. There are four theme settings containing different wallpaper images and color schemes with theme files to apply the one you like best. Extremely "profane" sound files are shared among each theme setting but there's also an extra directory containing alternative "profane" sounds for your listening entertainment. Icons and cursors are all those funny looking South Park characters we've come to expect in a good South Park desktop theme. System logo screens and four completely different South Park screensavers are also included.

Some of these theme parts are borrowed from other theme packages. JPG wallpaper quality is low to average and only available for 800x600 display sizes. Sound files contain background noise.

Hold on just a minute! Have to put a different kind of rating on this one. PG-13 does not qualify. As the theme author states, it's... "A collection of the most hilarious, profanity laced, angrily spewed humor I could find for your desktop. If you are a parent, or your children have access to your desktop, I suggest screening the sounds of this theme before allowing them to use/view/listen to it. It is a very PROFANITY laced desktop environment. That said..." download as you see fit.

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