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Batman - Arkham Asylum

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Review Date: 11/18/2002

File Size: 1,204k

Author URL: Not Available

Windows XP Compatible NOTE: MP3 sound required. Visit Support for details.

"Welcome to Arkham." This Batman theme is based on the animated series and comes in a Desktop Architect type self-installer for easy installation. Parts include a 550x414 JPG wallpaper image, cutout character icons, standard cursors, various character sound clips, system logo screens and an official “Batsaver” Flash type screen saver file from DC Comics.

The wallpaper image is too small to stretch properly for any display size and the sound clips are all mono TV captures without any enhancements to give them a better stereo sound effect. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type and, unlike all the remaining theme parts, the cursors are extracted to a "Cursors" directory in the root of the themes directory. Web view images are not included. Also note that the screen saver is included in the download twice, once in the root of the zip and once in the self-installer. The one in the installer is not complete so you'll have to run the "Batsaver.exe" setup file to install the files properly. Therefore, the screen saver file within the Desktop Architect setup could safely be removed by the theme artist to reduce the size of this download. Finally, for users that do install the screen saver using the "Batsaver.exe" installer file and wish to remove it completely at a later time, you'll want to remove the Batsaver.scr and Batsaver.exe files within the Windows directory as well as a "mickey32.dll" file, which is a screen saver support file. This is being noted because of the "uncommon" file name. (Never thought Mickey and Batman had anything in common but when it comes to computers, you really do learn something new every day.)

There's room for improvement and attention to detail in a few areas but even with all these minor issues, the theme does work and Batman fans will more than likely enjoy it. A larger wallpaper image should be the first priority in the next update though.

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