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Resident Evil 3

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Review Date: 01/06/2000

File Size: 1,081k

Author URL: Not Available

Ah... it's Resident Evil! Complete with a high color bitmap wallpaper image, clear cut sounds straight from the game, a few new cursors, high quality desktop icons, and...

Hello! Can you say something loud and obnoxious about 50 times in a row? Maybe in a room all by yourself but certainly not in a working or public environment. Get the point? The sound files are all high quality but tend to drive a person absolutely nuts! Sorry if this review sounds a little blunt but there's just no other way to put it. Most of the cursors are also the standard 3d type and the wallpaper is a strange size at 600x369 pixels. Even in bitmap form, don't expect it to hold an aspect ratio when stretched out on the desktop. The color scheme is very difficult to work with. Put it this way, you'll see blue, feel blue, and probably even look blue after using this theme for a while.

If you're a die hard Resident Evil gamer, you can probably deal with it. If that's the case, everything works so come and get it!

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