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Quake II

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Review Date: 01/30/2000

File Size: 727k

Author URL: Not Available

You know you're dad's cool when he gets a little upset in a loud tone of voice and says something like... "Play your high speed fast action 3D shooters day and night but DON'T YOU EVER forget Quake II, the first 3D game to change killer instincts!" Then just be sure to tell him to cut back on his caffeine intake. With that in mind, here's another Quake II based theme for your desktop. It comes with a centered 640x480 bitmap wallpaper image, 4 cutout type desktop icons, 14 fitting cursors, and 19 (Microsoft ADPCM,22,050 Hz, 4 Bit, Stereo) sound files.

Hmmm... not much here really. Several cursors are from another author's theme pack, sounds are unedited straight from the game and the centered 640x480 bitmap wallpaper is only slightly altered from the original splash screen image found on the game CD. You'll also have to stretch it out considerably for larger display sizes.

Die-hard Quake II fans should go for it but other than that, there's just not enough to it.

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