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The Lion King - Pumbaa

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Review Date: 09/28/2000

File Size: 750k

Author URL: Available

It's Timmon and Pumbaa and they're wild and crazy as ever. This package includes a JPG wallpaper setting for 800x600 display sizes with cutout character desktop icons, a few new character cursors, six sound files, a set of system logo screens and a couple of extra kid type fonts to add to your collection.

The wallpaper looks like a screen shot from a 256 color game and saved in 16-bit JPG format. Sound quality is inconsistent with different volume levels and a little static in the background. All the sounds are in mono too. The entire theme is also designed for extraction directly to the root of the themes directory. That's a small problem since several files are not in compliance with a common filename. Therefore, you'll have to hunt down the other files and move them to their proper locations.

Note that it is generally a very good idea to keep themes in a subdirectory within the main themes directory. Maybe something like... %ThemeDir%Pubmaa\*.* would work nicely. Needless to say, we're waiting for the update.

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