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The Pretender

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Review Date: 05/10/1998

File Size: 845k

Author URL: Not Available

This one is for those with the big display settings of 1024x768. It's based on the TV program and not just a particular character. There are a couple of decent slide show animated cursors, all original desktop icons, and plenty of sounds to keep you entertained. The color scheme is also very fitting.

Only two assigned cursors. In one of the animated cursors, a couple of slide images have a line that shouldn't be part of the image. The desktop icons are derived from high quality bitmap images but appear blurry as icons. All the sound files are in 'PCM,22,050 Hz, 8 Bit, Mono'. A couple of sound associations grow annoying quickly like the menu popup and menu command sound associations. The 1024x768 pixel JPG desktop wallpaper looks OK when viewed through a graphic viewer but looks pitted when applied to the desktop through the Desktop Themes JPG filter. (This is partially due to the quality of the filter itself, not the graphic or anything the theme author has done.)

The alternative to the wallpaper appearance is to work around this by choosing graphics that do not cause this pitted effect. If you convert the included JPG to a bitmap after downloading, it looks outstanding but also takes up a lot of space in the themes directory. This theme has been updated but unfortunately the Theme Doctor was not the person who initially checked it. If I had, it would probably be gaining a star in this review instead of loosing one. (Sorry)

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