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Review Date: 04/15/1999

File Size: 842k

Author URL: Not Available

If you're looking for a quick Pokemon fix, here's a nice little addition to your collection of themes. Don't expect the highest of quality but there are a few good parts. Originality is present in the cutout desktop icons, a tiled JPG wallpaper image, good startup/shutdown logo screens, a few original cursors, and a hand full of sound files.

There's no readme.txt file for installation instructions. You must unzip this package into a new directory called 'Pokemon' within the themes directory. Sound quality is truly among the worst with static and poor editing. The 'Start Windows' sound is an entire minute of 8-bit mono. Some may find it difficult to tell the difference between the Recycle Bin Full and Empty icons since they are very similar. Most of the cursors are the standard 3D type.

If you are a big Pokemon fan, the screensaver makes this one worth downloading. Otherwise wait for a better theme package with more original parts and better sound files.

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