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Review Date: 02/15/1998

File Size: 791k

Author URL: Not Available

Outstanding quality in theme parts. The animated icons are amazingly full of color and life. The sounds are actually pieced together from other themes but blend in really well with this particular theme package. The wallpaper file is a high quality 640x480 bitmap file that stretches well to fill an 800x600 display.

This is a really sad situation. The author can not be contacted because there is no readme file included. That's bad when a theme with quality parts as good as these go to waste because of an improperly coded theme file. Everything is referenced to load from a directory called "Abe" and it isn't even located in the themes directory. It's located in the root directory (C:\Abe\*.*). It simply will not load and that's the problem. If you open the theme file with a text editor and change the code, everything looks OUTSTANDING! Really! This could be a Doctor's Choice theme if it were only coded properly.

Fix that theme code and this theme will be worthy of a lot more than just 2 stars.

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