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Millennium Viper

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Review Date: 01/11/2001

File Size: 5,270k

Author URL: Available

First impressions are the key to a cool looking theme and this one is guaranteed to take your desktop for a first-class spin. Jump in the driver's seat of the Millennium Viper red sports car and let the ride begin. The wallpaper is clearly the most attractive part of this package and comes in 1152x864 bitmap and 800x600 JPG sizes. Remaining theme parts consist of a few new animated cursors, Millennium Viper emblems and tires for icons, car sounds and system logo screens.

The entire package is enclosed in a directory called "MViper (high color)" but the theme code references theme parts from a directory called "mviper" so.... theme parts simply will not load under these code settings. (You'll need to rename the directory to "mpiper" during installation just to match things up with the theme code so all parts will be addressed properly.) The wallpaper images in this package are also a little redundant since there are two different versions of the same image in JPG and even higher quality bitmap form. (If a bigger and better bitmap image is included and referenced properly to stretch or shrink to fit any display size, it only makes sense to trash to JPG image. It's just a unneeded image of lesser quality.) As far as I can tell, all the icons and sound files are borrowed from other themes and the sounds are lacking any real quality. Strangely enough, there's a huge 1.62mb sound file included TWICE and it isn't even used in the theme. Ouch!

The extra sound files and wallpaper was probably just a mistake with packaging this one and certainly doesn't "hurt" anything but the download file size. However, that directory issue is something that novice theme users may have a problem with when downloading this package. Hopefully, the theme author will send us a updated version of this package very soon. Hint! Hint!

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