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Mr. Bungle

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For Windows & Mac


Review Date: 03/22/1998

File Size: 2,479k

Author URL: Not Available

As the author put it: "Mr. Bungle is a band like nothing you've ever heard before, because they are like everything you've ever heard before. From death-metal, to techno, to circus, to nonsense (sometimes within the same song). They encompass every type of music there is." It couldn't have been said more clearly. You'll find an assortment of sound files along with several animated cursors to keep you entertained. Almost every sound is in good quality and saved in a high compression format. One thing that's considerably notable... the animated MB cursor is similar to the famous Warner Brothers animated cursor. Gee, I wonder why?

The exit windows sound file is a little too long. 20.5 seconds is a long wait when rebooting or just waiting to turn off your system. It may also take some time to get adjusted to using the animated text select cursor. Just so you know, the minimize sound file contains profanity. "Don't you F____in' look at me".

If you like Rock N' Roll and don't mind a little profanity, it's definitely worthy of the download.

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