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Review Date: 05/10/1998

File Size: 2,403k

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This is an update to an already well made theme package. It's based on the older Nintendo game and represent the gaming atmosphere very well. This update is also designed for Windows 98 but also functions properly on Windows 95. Overall, a very well put together theme. The cursors and icons are the bright spot. They're original, well animated, and in high color. There is now an extra font to add to your collection and even higher quality sound files.

The background is a little rough around the edges, but the graphics can only be as good as they are in the game so that isn't much of a con. Several cursors are the standard 3D type.

A few more original cursors, a screen saver and some logo files would really make this theme shine. If you're a fan of Nintendo games or just enjoy a captivating theme, get this one.

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