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Hitman 2

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Review Date: 06/11/2003

File Size: 6,886k

Author URL: Not Available

Hitman gamers need no introduction to this one. For the rest, it's only a matter of time before you'll be shooting around corners to get a copy. Hitman 2 incorporates some of the best in 3D game environments for multiple game play systems. This multi-theme package features a number of high quality game capture graphics as well as several different wallpaper images straight from the game designer's desk. Other game capture settings include sound files, character icons, and weapon based cursors.

It's designed for extraction to the root of the themes directory without coherent file names. There are also a few hard code references in the main theme (*.theme) code so those referenced parts simply will not load properly for some users. A lack of any type of sound compression in lengthy sound files explains the file size with this download. One sound file alone weighs in at over 3 megs! Web view images, system logo screens and screen saver files are not included.

If... it works, it looks great but there will be a mess in the root of the themes directory along with it. Placing theme parts in a subdirectory called 'Hitman 2' before creating the main theme (*.theme) file code for distribution would be the better way to go. Theme authors who do not do this, please take note.

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