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The Guyver

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Review Date: 07/27/1998

File Size: 1,993k

Author URL: Not Available

The Guyver is back! This is just for all you Guyver fans who just couldn't live without it. Included in this package is a very clear 800x600 bitmap wallpaper image, a few animated cursors or Guyver parts, sound clips from the cartoon series, and 15 high quality desktop icons to choose from.

There's no readme.txt file for installation instructions. Most of the cursors are assigned from the Microsoft Plus! "Inside Your Computer" theme pack so if you do not have it installed on your system, the cursors will not load. A number of the sound files are also pushing the "loudness" barrier in mono.

Add the extra cursors, adjust the volume (in stereo), and convert the bitmap to a JPG for compression and this one gets a better rating. On the other hand, if you are a fan of this animated cartoon series, get it!

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