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Transformers - Galvatron

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Review Date: 07/09/1998

File Size: 1,801k

Author URL: Available

The right side of the wallpaper, the normal select cursor, the color scheme, and a couple of the sound files are on the right track but...

The wallpaper image would look much better if the images were consistent. One is a cool looking 3D rendered image and the other is a poor quality scan. The recycle bin icons are too small to visualize and rough around the edges. The sound files are decent quality but way too long.

If I wanted to listen to the entire cartoon, I'd turn on the TV. This one is taking the sound options just a little too far. In other words, shorten the sounds or DIE! Crop out the left side of the wallpaper and you might even dominate the world of Transformers.

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