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YF-22 Raptor

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Review Date: 02/10/2001

File Size: 368k

Author URL: Not Available

YF-22 Raptor fans, you are clear for download! This theme packs two theme settings for your desktop with one 800x600 JPG and a different 640x480 JPG wallpaper picture of the YF-22 in flight. Each theme comes with shared cursors, desktop icons, 7 short mono sound files and... that's it.

Standard cursors, poorly edited sound files, icons with incorrect extensions, somewhat blurry wallpaper images, unrelated animated cursors, and no text file with installation instructions for novice users. Both theme files also make reference to sound files that are not included in this package.

The wallpaper images are ok but this theme looks like it was thrown together. The best thing this theme package has going for it is the small file size. If you're a big YF-22 Raptor fan, it's worth the quick download.

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