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Danger Mouse

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Review Date: 02/28/2001

File Size: 919k

Author URL: Available

A domicile for the world's greatest secret agent... Danger Mouse! Here's a tribute to the great, British 80's cartoon, which aired on Nickelodeon around the same time as Count Duckula. This theme features a single theme with a 1024x768 JPG background image, all new DM cursors, DM icons, and DM sounds. This update includes reference to the 'My Documents' icon and a few other code updates for newer Windows operating systems.

If you're running a smaller 640x480 display size, consider resizing the wallpaper first. Some of the sound files could be better. The 'My Documents' icon is the Windows default. There are no web view images, a screen saver or system logo screens included.

For anyone who loved the cartoon or just likes British silliness, this theme is for you!

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