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Review Date: 02/05/2003

File Size: 966k

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After the double-platinum, Top 30 success of Y2K's The Sickness, the Chicago metal quartet Disturbed is finally available for your desktop. Theme package includes a 250x164 BMP wallpaper, desktop icons, cursors, PCM mono sound files and 2 logo screens.

Someone's really stretching it here with the wallpaper and the... mono sound files?! Ouch! Needless to say, this is a music based theme with very poor attention to visual and audio quality. The wallpaper is just too small and it's set to stretch by default. The sound files are also cut abruptly on the ends. Some even stop in the middle of a word! The 'New Mail Notification' sound is referenced in the code but missing. The main theme (*.theme) file is also in the subdirectory instead of the root of the themes directory. You'll have to move that to make it work with many theme mangers.

Put it this way. If this theme were for promotional purposes, it wouldn't do the band a lot of good. They deserve more. More intensity, more metal, and more powerful sounds are all in order before this will come anywhere near the melodic sound of Disturbed. If we settle for anything less, we might as well download a... a... a toilet theme... without toilet paper!

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