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Dune 2000

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Review Date: 10/03/1998

File Size: 5,595k

Author URL: Available

Westwood Studios has created another high quality game and with it comes another set of high quality themes. Yes, that's right! There are six different theme environments to choose from. Of course, the only major difference between each is the wallpaper images in every common display size and color schemes to match but they are also exceptionally well suited for each environment. The sound files are in PCM 22,050 Hz 16-bit mono but have been enhanced with depth to sound almost like stereo. For ease of use and safety, everything is encased in a self-extracting archive without any dangerous overwrites or changes to your system.

Unfortunately, the web view images are referenced in the code with special file names but they aren't included in the theme pack. The assigned screen saver is from the Microsoft Plus! 95 theme pack and several cursors are from other well known theme packages.

Complete originality with cursors would make it even better but if you like enriched gaming environments pasted all over your desktop, this package has more than you could possibly ask for.

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