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Review Date: 08/18/2001

File Size: 6,603k

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"Are you ready?" Creed fans, this one's calling you! Actually the word "one" is far from appropriate because there are 6 different wallpaper settings for both 1024x768 and 800x600 display sizes. The only major difference is color but that also plays a large part in the uniqueness of each theme. All the graphics and color schemes are matching shades of color. For example, the blue setting has a blue wallpaper image with a blue color scheme, blue webview images, and blue cursors. The red setting has a red wallpaper image with a red color scheme, red webview images, and red cursors. The other 4 themes are set up in the same way in various other colors and all 6 themes share a set of desktop icons, sound files, system logo screens, an extra font, hotbar settings and a Creed screen saver.

The zip archive is setup for extraction directly to the root of the hard drive, which only works if your themes directory is in the default location. For the average user, this is fine but if your themes directory is on another drive or in a different location, it's probably a better idea to extract the files to a temporary directory and then move the files manually. In addition, the main '*.theme' files are all in the 'Creed' theme directory so you will need to move these to the root of the themes directory for use with some 3rd party theme managers. The code could also contain reference to the system logo screens for quick and easy installation.

"Can you take me higher?" No, not much because this theme rocks!

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