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Cobra Blue

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Review Date: 07/09/2002

File Size: 637k

Author URL: Available

Here's one for fastback Mustang muscle car lovers. Theme parts include a blue Cobra JPG wallpaper image for 800x600 or 1024x768 display sizes, 16 cursors, 17 cutout type icons, and a set of system logo screens in bitmap format.

There are no installation instructions and that causes problems for many users when theme parts are referenced from a very strange installation path. As with all themes of this type, you'll have to look at the raw theme (*.theme) file code to find the proper paths. Once installed, you'll also find that sound files are referenced but not included, a few shell icons are referenced incorrectly, there are no web view images, and most of the cursors are the standard type.

Decent wallpaper, relative desktop icons and a few original cursors but that's about the extent of it. No sound, lack of instructions and poor theme file coding are just a few of the discrepancies keeping this one from the winner's circle.

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