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Comfortably Numb

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Review Date: 10/25/1997

File Size: 2,032k

Author URL: Available

Say hello to Roger. Yea, this is worthy of a little attention. It's Pink Floyd and in good quality. Plenty of Floyd sounds and very good quality graphics. The wallpaper file is a crystal clear computer generated graphic and the icons aren't far behind. There's an installation program that installs everything including a font file, startup, and shutdown logos.

During installation, there is a message displayed about the missing screensaver file. Too bad about that. I'd like to see a Floyd screensaver. Everything is supposed to be restored when uninstalling the theme through add-Remove programs but it doesn't work. You have to uninstall yourself like most themes and restore the logo files from logo.old back to logo.sys and etc.

Other than the uninstall, it's good to go. Should be adjusted to fix these errors though.

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