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Cow & Chicken

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Review Date: 11/20/2000

File Size: 1,092k

Author URL: Not Available

Oh.. Oh goodie! Together with the legs of "Mom and Dad", the very funny Cow and Chicken characters from Cartoon Network bring more than a little comedy to your desktop. A simple but cute 640x480 JPG wallpaper image blends nicely with a creamy color scheme to (believe it or not) fill any display size. A set of very well created cutout type desktop icons and cursors look just perfect. But the best part has to be the hilarious sound files. This package is too cute and too funny!

Everything extracts directly to the root of the main 'Themes' directory. This could cause conflicts with other desktop themes using the same filenames if everyone did this.

A note to the author: Try using a new subdirectory off the main 'Themes' directory to house all your theme parts. It's safer and more professional looking. Under the circumstances, it's more like dealing with Boneless Chicken.

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