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Review Date: 11/25/1997

File Size: 3,286k

Author URL: Not Available

Karen Carpenter had one of the most beautiful voices in pop music, and this theme highlights her talent. The color scheme matches the predominant colors in the wallpaper. The icons are photo icons, and they're OK, if not super-sharp. The busy animated cursor is a set of moving photos.

The window and taskbar sizes are huge at 800x600, and the taskbar takes up way too much of your screen at 640x480. The regular arrow cursor is a flashing "Carpenters logo, and the author included it with the theme zip, but didn't make it part of the theme. While this cursor looks OK, it is almost impossible to use on any kind of precision work, and god forbid you ever have to move a scroll bar on the right side of the screen with it. The "working in background" cursor features only one static photo of Karen. The wallpaper was obviously scanned from a CD booklet, and the printing marks (or litho dots) are very prominent and distracting. The sounds are muddy and "chopped off" sounding.

This theme is only for the most dedicated Carpenters fans.

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