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Review Date: 10/31/2000

File Size: 3,494k

Author URL: Available

Based on the band and a little help from a few of natures leafy substances, this theme brings some thumpin' bass to your desktop. There are 2 new animated cursors and 18 new icons to keep you in the mood along with 19 sound files and three different wallpaper images that represent the band. The wallpaper settings consist of two different 792x596 pixel JPG images and another different 400x300 pixel JPG image. A couple of new fonts are also included. 

Most importantly, 'Software\Classes\' needs to be removed from the theme code for icon references or there will be system registry problems for Windows 95 Plus! users. The code is also setup for theme installation directly in the root of the themes directory (%ThemeDir%) but since most of the files are included without a common filename, it creates a big mess in the root directory. It would be much better if the files were all placed in a subdirectory within the themes directory (%ThemeDir%BluntBeatz\) for obvious reasons. The wallpaper images are all nonstandard sizes, which do not stretch to fit the screen properly. There's also a logo installation bat file along with an installation text file but no logo files re included. Most of the cursors are the standard type and there is no 'My Documents' icon assigned in either of the theme files. Good sound compression would bring down the file size.

There need to be a lot of adjustments before we can truly get a natural high from this one.

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