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Review Date: 10/08/1998

File Size: 651k

Author URL: Available

Innnnnncoming... BOOM! Don't retreat yet. The troops are here with full reinforcements. A high color wallpaper image, green cursors, army pool icons, and a full set of orders are all in the bag. The plastic army men bag, that is. If these little guys aren't in your toy box, it's time to drag 'em out.

The military has a manual for everything but this theme doesn't. Unless you have a theme installer, you'll have to figure out the unique directory name to house all these parts. The wallpaper image is only 640x480 and has "copyright" written all over it. Although very appropriate, most of the cursors are only minor changes to the standard 3D type.

A little graphic manipulation is in order. Oh, and the directory name is "army " (with the space).

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